Communigate Pro

Robust mail server for IMAP, POP3, SMTP and Webmail

CommuniGate Pro is the most scalable and modern Internet Communications application server on the market today. The comprehensive solutions will enable service providers to enhance revenues and allow organizations to consolidate voice and data. From email and calendaring, to instant messaging, VoIP, Conferencing Server and IP PBX, CommuniGate Pro supports it all from one proven, reliable platform.

Rolling updates and single system image design allows multi-million subscriber deployments to have quick and rapid provisioning and updates. Provide modern voice applications like virtual PBXes at the flick of a switch. The most scalable and proven solution for email and collaboration.

CommuniGate Pro runs on over 30 platforms allowing for mix and match Static or Cluster deployments, migrations to new plat, or for legacy purposes. Plus, it's open API facilitates integration with billing, provisioning, and additional management applications. CommuniGate Pro's advanced technology provides over 115 million users voice and data Internet Communications daily. Customer satisfaction, and reliability are key to our business success.

CommuniGate Pro's EdgeGate Services offers advanced built-in Session Border Management infrastructure, along with support for leading third party anti-spam and anti-virus technologies. It's Dynamic Cluster architecture offers unlimited growth potential for the largest VoIP deployments by Broadband providers often having 50 or more million subscribers.

Communigate Pro


Communigate Pro 5.2